Jakub Kalousek was born in 1958, in Prague, Czech Republic. He attended Graphic Arts School from 1972 to 1977 specializing in printmaking and photography. In 1978, Mr.Kalousek emigrated to the United States and in 1980, he received political asylum in San Francisco. There he graduated from Holography Institute in 1979 and received B.A. in painting/printmaking at San Francisco State University. In 1985, he received M.F.A. in printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute. Mr.Kalousek work ranges from various printmaking techniques such as lithography, intaglio, etching to mixed media and painting. Mr.Kalousek's subject matter takes off on some aspects of our immediate environment, concentrating specifically on scenes of the absurd, random, and fortuitous as observed in everyday life. A literary forms appear in Mr.Kalousek's work as a significant pentimiento to the volatile and charged figurative imagery. Mr.Kalousek has been a visiting lecturer at a number of colleges and universities. In 1985, he founded and served as a artistic director for the first experimental live cable network based San Francisco Art Institute. In 1988, Mr.Kalousek co-designed one of the first digital art magazines "Me(I)dea". In 1988, Mr.Kalousek founded Boron Press, a small independent publishing company devoted to the collaboration between international artists and writers. Mr.Kalousek's work has been exhibited internationally, and he had been recipient of a number of grants and scholarships in the United States as well as abroad. Since 1981, Mr.Kalousek images have been regularly appearing in magazines as well as on book and CD covers. Since 1998, Mr.Kalousek have created stage design for a number of film, theater, and fashion show productions. He is currently working on his autobiographical animated feature film based on his experience of incarceration in South American prisons.

Mr.Kalousek lives in San Francisco.